Business Lines

Lines of Insurance

Property All Risk

This is the most broad form of coverage, it covers any damage to your building, contents and stock etc., unless specifically excluded any risk, provided your properties are well maintained and secured to meet requirements of Property All Risk.

Fire & Allied Perils including Burglary

This insurance provides standard coverage for the named risk, such as fire, lightning, storm, tempest, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, aircraft or other aerial devices or articles dropped from an aerial device, impact damage by any third-party road vehicles, horses or cattle, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance (also known as Loss of Profits & Consequential Loss) will pay for your lost income, if your business suffers financial loss due to property claim or machinery breakdown claim, if it is combined with property or machinery breakdown.
Our broad form designed cover may enhance the coverage by adding suitable extensions to cover your financial losses

Money Insurance

This policy provides cover for loss of cash following hold up and whilst being transited. We can also extend the cover to include loss or damage to safes caused by burglars and thieves.

Group Medical Insurance

It is a compulsory insurance in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is an Insurance coverage that compensates the Insured for the medical expenses of an illness or hospitalization

Contractors All Risks Insurance

This policy provides coverage for construction and erection projects against all material damage. Third party liability bodily injury and property damage are also covered under this insurance.

Machinery Breakdown

It covers sudden and unforeseen breakdown of plant or machinery, damage to the plant, damage to surrounding property, business interruption and deterioration of stock, provided that plant and machinery are maintained according to manufacturer’s manual.

Public & Product Liability

This insurance will indemnify the insured for liability established by law against the insured by public for any damage to their property and bodily injury due to their business activity or product. Sometime the claim may be unaffordable and devastating.

Comprehensive Liability or Commercial Liability (CGL)

It is broad form of liability insurance and it can cover many other liabilities, those are not covered under normal Third Party Liability or Public Liability. It is very suitable for all type of businesses.

Professional Indemnity (PI)

We can arrange Professional Indemnity Policy for Medical Professionals, Engineering Firms and Broking and Consulting Firms. It provides protection against claims for financial loss, bodily/personal injury or property damage arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of professional services covered by the policy.

Plant & Machinery

We can provide you special coverage for your valuable equipment, machinery and cranes etc. Some of equipment may cost you millions of Riyals beside that any equipment may cause any liability claims as well. We carefully, look at your equipment list and your business activities to design appropriate coverage.

Motor Cycle Insurance is our special line of business

We are serving our clients for more than ten years with very special rates, terms and conditions.

• Mandatory Motor Cycle Insurance:
Third Party Property Damage/Bodily Injury Combined Limit SR 10,000,000 per occurrence. It is a basic and compulsory insurance for every motor cycle before it goes on the road to protect your liability against the damage/injury, you may cause to other parties.
• Comprehensive Motor Cycle Insurance Plus:
We are selective for heavy bikes above 1000cc and non-sports bike only. Our rates, terms and conditions are one of the best in the market with free extension of Bahrain for Own Damage only .

Motor Fleet Insurance for Transporters & Company’s Fleets

We provide competitive rates for Third Party and broad form of coverage for Comprehensive Insurance based on the nature of risk.

• Mandatory Motor Insurance:
Third Party Property Damage/Bodily Injury Combined Limit SR 10,000,000 per occurrence to protect your liability against the damage/injury, you may cause to other parties.
• Comprehensive Motor Insurance:
It covers any damage to your Own Vehicle and Third Party Property Damage/Bodily Injury Combined Limit SR 10,000,000 per occurrence. We can provide broad form of coverage with additional extensions to provide you extra benefits to cover your losses.

Contractors All Risks & Erection All Risks (C.A.R. / E.A.R.)

Contractors All Risks Insurance/Erection All Risk Insurance covers temporary and permanent construction works and/or installation of plants. Normally these policies are written for the contract period with 12 months maintenance period. It covers the entire project from start to end and any damage happened either by natural calamity or accident. It will cover the contract value and third party liability, in case any damage or injury happened to any other party. Furthermore, you may also elect Advance Loss of Profit to protect your financial loss, if any delay happened due to loss.

Cyber Crime Insurance

As our dependency on electronic based information increasing day by day and your business may falls as victim of cybercrime. Therefore a serious consideration to be given to protect your business in advance rather then too late.

Directors and Officers

This line of insurance is mandatory in many countries to have Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (D&O). It is designed to indemnify directors and officers from claims against them personally for failing in their duties.

Group Life Insurance

It is ideal financial protection cover for family members, in case of death or disablement of earning person for reason. There should be some financial protection for him and the dependents.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

It is similar to life but cover the risk of accidental injury or death. There should be some financial protection for him and the dependents.

Workmen’s Compensation/Employer’s Liability

Although work injuries are covered by GOSI but sometimes accident happens out of scope of GOSI, therefore, extra protection may require and we can arrange Difference in Conditions of GOSI (DIC/GOSI) plus Employer’s Liability up to the limit you require.