GM Message

GM Message

We have completed 10 years in insurance brokerage field serving many industries, and since 2007 we are satisfying our commitments to all of our clients and the market in general. We have established Trust with a concept of introducing a highest quality level of Insurance Brokerage Services, by having a well knowledgably and trained team to ensure satisfying each client needs, and by building a very strong and Trustable business relationship with all insurance companies presented in the market.

We strongly believe that achieving our targets depends on having a motivated, reliable and flexible internal work environment, in this environment every member of the team is considered as a part of “Trust” family, ensuring that our values will appear on the performance of our team in serving our clients.

We in Trust are keen to monitor the performance on all the advisory and services we provide to our clients, keeping first client satisfaction and second compliance of SAMA rules and regulations as the main driver to our mission.

We thank you for your Trust in our team and our capabilities to serve you professionally.

General Manager - Trust Brokers for Insurance & Re-insurance brokerage